Duts, a slightly odd man in a strange world… 

Duts is a comedy series about Walter Duts, an oddball who lives by himself in the parental home even after his mother passed away. He leads a quiet, tranquil life and wouldn’t harm a soul. He lives in peace with himself. But that peace is constantly under threat by the difficult encounters with the world outside his house… 

Walter is not the only who is content with living in his world in his small universe. Walter gets on well with his neighbour Annie and the seventeen year old schoolgirl, Mieke. Conny, Annie’s daughter, secretly harbours some fond feelings for Walter, but her husband Danny –a police officer- dislikes ’oddball Walter’… 

These are the main characters in the weird but wonderful world of Duts. An uncomplicated micro universe on which modern society –with all its rules and structures- doesn’t seem to be able to get a grip on…



nominee TV Series Comedy: Monte-Carlo Television Festival (MC)

nominee Comedy: Banff World Television Awards (CA)

nominee Drama: INPUT Festival (NL)


release date: 15 November 2010

country: Belgium

language: Dutch

runtime: 24 - 29 min (7 episodes)

color: color

release format: DVD

production company: Kanakna

distributor: The Flemish Radio- and Television Network Organisation (VRT)



director:  Herwig Ilegems & Bart Meuleman

director (image): Daniel Lambo

writer (script): Herwig Ilegems & Bart Meuleman

writer (episode 1): Herwig Ilegems, Bart Meuleman & Daniel Lambo

producer: Pieter Van Huyck

production manager: Koen Fransen

director of photography: Jan Dellaert & Danny Elsen

special makeup effects artist: Rob Hillenbrink

sound mixer: Miguel De Oliveira e Silva

sound editor: Bert Aerts

costume designer: Jutta Smeyers

colorist: Veerle Zeelmaekers



Herwig Ilegems (as Walter Duts)

Steve Geerts (as  Danny)

Emilie Vloeberghs (as Mieke)

Greta Van Langhendonck (as Annie)

Tania Kloek (as Conny)



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