Lambo Films is a socially engaged production company. We create films on themes as human rights, social inequality and poverty. Our main goals are to raise broad public awareness and to encourage individual action. Lambo Films also collaborates with investors that are committed to a strong corporate responsibility. Daniel Lambo founded the company around 2004 with these social objectives in mind.



His first feature film, Miss Homeless (2010), was a raw but humorous docu-fiction that addressed homelessness on the streets of Brussels. The film premiered in 12 different countries on The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

This blend of documentary footage, a fictional story and improvised acting was also used in Dry Branches of Iran (2012). Set during the Green Revolution in Iran, this film tells the story about a young dancer who wakes up in a prison cell without knowing how he got there. Dry Branches of Iran was shot clandestine and entirely on smartphones to avoid censorship by the Iranian Government.

Traumland (2013) took a more meditative approach. In this poetic film, a hermit-like editor finds a wounded Congolese stowaway on his houseboat. The encounter forms the starting point of a strange journey and a reflection on ethnic diversity.

The youth film Booster (2014) explored the lives of urban teenagers in Brussels. Characterized by an energetic visual style and soundtrack, this film deals with identity struggles, grief and road safety.

Lambo teamed up with writer Fikry El Azzouzi for De Figurant (2016), a story that revolves around Thabo (Junior Mthombeni), a drug dealer with acting ambitions. The cast is complemented by several refugees with a background in acting.

Breathless (2018), his latest feature, investigates the asbestos industry. This documentary reveals how corporations circumvented asbestos legislation and continuing their deadly business in developing countries.

Two new youth films are currently in development: Dievenschool with support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and Cyclomax with the support of the government of the Brussels-Capital Region.



As a writer, producer and director, Lambo is known for his guerrilla style of filmmaking. This raw creativity and an emphasis on human stories form the foundation of his films.

Apart from his own production company, Lambo remains involved in other projects. He worked on the praised TV series Duts (2010), directed the VTM telefilm Los Flamencos (2013) and wrote the TV series Phil Frisco (2019).

A complete bio and filmography can be found here.