New kid in town and talented BMX rider Brent struggles with his ambitions, his grief and his love for a girl when he joins a group of urban youngsters showing off their supercharged mopeds in suburban streets and parks.


release date: 30 April 2014

country: Belgium

language: Dutch

runtime: 80 minutes

color: color

release format: DCP

production company: Lambo Films

distributor: Jekino

support: Rondpunt, OVK, Kanakna Added Value, Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works & Secretary of State for Mobility, Equal Opportunities and the Civil Service of the Brussels-Capital Region



director: Daniel Lambo

writer (script): Daniel Lambo & Jan Schuermans

writer (novel): Marc Hendrickx & Dirk Dobbeleers

producer: Daniel Lambo

line producer: Andreas Vermeulen

director of photography: Alexander De Backer

film editor: Thijs Hasselman

production designer: Talina Casier

sound mixer & editor : André Philips

music by: Peter Baert & Channel Zero



Aäron Roggeman (as Jimmy)

Lisa Ahenkona  (as Yasna)

Thijs J. Antonneau (as Noah)

Tatyana Beloy (as Sarah)

Kristof Coenen (as Joel Jacobs)

Maurits De Baets (as Brent Bauwens)

Jurgen Delnaet (as Herman Bauwens)

Joke Devynck (as Marleen Bauwens)

Nathan Gybels (as Benji)

Kadèr Gürbüz (as Arzu)

Anna Franziska Jaeger (as Ilse)

Frederike Migom (as Laura De Jonge)

Maité Steenhoudt (as Anke)