A black comedy about the elderly Fleming brothers - Raoul, Pé and César - who buck demographic trends to commit one last bank heist. At first there appears to be no other motive but to recall the good old days; but it turns out they do have noble goals: retaining a childlike mentality makes it easier to tolerate the ravages of time. If you only live once, why not live a little crazier? Better late than never…


release date: 7 September 2013

country: Belgium

language: Dutch

runtime: 90 min

color: color

release format: DCP

production company: Minds Meet

distributor: Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD)

support: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)Casa Kafka Pictures & Medialaan



director: Daniel Lambo

writers: Daniel Lambo

producer: Tomas Leyers

line producer:  Marc Goyens

director of photography: Jan Dellaert

film editors: Daniel Lambo & Jan Hammeeuw

production designer: Merijn Sep

special makeup effects artist:  Saskia Verreycken

sound mixer & editor: Miguel De Oliveira e Silva

costume designer: Nathalie Lermytte

colorist: Veerle Zeelmaeckers

music by: Steven De Bruyn (The Rythm Junks)

music by (theme song):  Barefoot & The Shoes

still photographer: Nyk Dekeyser



Peter Van Den Eede (as Raoul)

Herwig Ilegems (as César)

Mark Verstraete (as Pedro)

Sien Eggers (as Linda)

Koen De Bouw (as Swiggers)

Jonas Van Geel (as Herbert)

Ben Segers (as Vosters)

Kim Hertogs (mother Fleminckx)

Philippe Geubels (as priest)

Iwein Segers (as Sisse)

Steve Geerts (as little cop)