An old South American immigrant spends the last days of his life in Brussels. His son, whom he left behind in South America, is on his way to meet him. The desperate and homesick father tries to avoid the confrontation and leaves a mysterious message.

Brusilia was created with seven South American men who all live and work in Brussels. Some of the stories came out of their own experiences in this town.

A mesmerizing portrait of latino's inspired by the Bose-Einstein condensate: the many parts that go to make up an ordered system not only behave as a whole, they become whole; their identities merge or overlap in such a way that they lose their individuality entirely.

There was no budget, no script, no crew, no star. Intuition was our guidance.

Brusilia, la muerte es un sueño.


release date: 10 August 2008

country: Belgium

language: Spanish

runtime: 35 minutes

color: black-and-white

release format: DigiBeta

production company: Lambo Films



director: Daniel Lambo

writer: Daniel Lambo

producer: Daniel Lambo

director of photography: Daniel Lambo

film editor: Daniel Lambo

sound mixer & editor: Daniel Lambo

music by: Highway



Romeo Montellano (as Bolivia)

Dario Altamirano(as Argentina)

Claude Guislain (as Peru)

Joaquin Olareaga (as Uruguay)

Flavio de Souza (as Brasil)

Orlando Verde (as Venezuela)