Mokili is 25 and a former child soldier. He has begun a new life in Brussels, with a good job and a pretty girlfriend. Everything is going smoothly, until Aziz, a member of his old squad shows up. Aziz has not yet left behind the agression of war and drags Mokili down in a spiral of violence. Kadogo is the Congolese word for child soldier. It translates as “small insignificant thing” in Swahili.



nominee NPS Award for best short film: Netherlands Film Festival

winner Tiscali Short Film Award: Montecatini International Short Film Festival, Italy


release date: 7 December 2006

country: Belgium

language: French

runtime: 6 minutes

color: color

release format: DigiBeta

production company: Potemkino

support: Observatoire Ba YaYa asbl



director: Daniel Lambo

writer: Daniel Lambo

producer: Daniel Lambo & Peter De Maegd

production manager: Marie Van Innis

director of photography: Rutger Debrabander

film editors: Jan Hameeuw & Daniel Lambo

sound mixer: Stijn D'Alleine, Bob Flora & Marijn Thijs

sound editor: Kwintem Van Laethem

colorist: Lieven Michiels

music by: Chris Joris



Lucie Finken (as Jolie)

Blaise Dimatsho Longonde (as Mokili)

Cornelis Uwamungu (as Aziz)

Etienne Nzimbi (as Junior)

Yannick Kialanda (as Mbuku)

Florian Bayili (as petit Kadogo)