On a houseboat called Traumland an unusual meeting takes place. Dominique, a hermit-like editor is working on a documentary about Congolese child witches as he is disturbed by a noise coming from the cargo deck. He finds the wounded Congolese Caporal and takes him in to recover. From that moment strange things start to happen. Paranoia kicks in.



release date: 20 april 2013

country: Belgium

languages: Dutch, French & English

runtime: 60 minutes

color: color

release format: DCP

production company: Lambo Films

distributor: Lambo Films



director: Daniel Lambo

writer: Daniel Lambo

producers: Daniel Lambo & Koen Fransen

director of photographer: Jan Dellaert

film editor: Daniel Lambo

sound mixer & editor: Studio l'Equipe

visual effects artist: The Fridge

colorist: The Fridge

music by: Peter Baert



Iwein Segers (as Dominique)

 Claude Musungayi (as Caporal)

Roos Van Acker (neighbour)

Yoann Blanc (as producer)

Tom Waes (as neighbour)

Eva-Tshiela Gysel (as girlfriend)

Mark Verstraete (as father)

Laetitia Chamon (as nurse)

François Brice (as fisherman)