Daniel Lambo

Daniel Lambo started his career as a writer for theater, TV and cinema. 

With djU! (2002) he began directing as well. His first short film won the Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the Leuven International Short Film Festival (Belgium). This eccentric story about a cursed bed was followed by the gothic comedy Gender (2004).

A few years later Lambo founded Potemkino. This production company focused on innovative titles, like the award-winning Small Gods (2007) and the interactive documentary Where Is Gary? (2009). Around that time, Lambo also became a member of Claxon United, a creative collective with directors as Michael R. Roskam, Roel Mondelaers, Raf Reintjens and Hans Van Nuffel.

As a director, Lambo shifted his attention towards social themes. The short film Kadogo (2006) told the story of a former child soldier. And the medium-length film Brusilia (2008) was an experimental take on the social identity of South American immigrants in Brussels.

This renewed approach to filmmaking, intuitive and socially engaged, inspired him to start his own production company: Lambo Films. His first feature film, Miss Homeless (2010), was a satirical docu-fiction about poverty. Dry Branches of Iran (2012) tackled the human rights situation in Iran. Traumland (2013) reflected on ethnic diversity. Booster (2014), had adolescent issues as a central theme. De Figurant (2016) is a black comedy that takes on racial stereotypes. And his latest, the documentary Breathless (2018), chronicles the environmental impact of the asbestos industry.

Currently, Lambo is working on two new films with his production company: Dievenschool and Cyclomax.

In addition to his own productions, Lambo remains active as a director an screenwriter for other projects. He worked on the praised TV series Duts (2010), directed the VTM telefilm Los Flamencos (2013) and wrote the TV series Phil Frisco (2019).



Cylomax (in development): producer, writer & director

Phil Frisco (in development): writer

Dievenschool (in development): producer & director

Breathless (2018): producer, writer & director

De Figurant (2016): producer, writer & director

Booster (2014): producer, writer & director

Los Flamencos (2013): writer & director

Traumland (2013): producer, writer & director

Dry Branches of Iran (2012): producer, writer & director

Duts (2010): co-writer (episode 1) & co-director

Miss Homeless (2010): producer, writer & director

Where Is Gary (2009): producer

Vanessa Danse Encore (2009): producer

Brusilia (2008): producer, writer & director

Samaritan (2008): producer

Tunnelrat (2008): producer

Small Gods (2007): producer

Of Cats & Women (2007): producer

Kadogo (2006): producer, writer & director

Nightshift (2006): producer

Gender (2004): producer, writer & director

eLLektra (2003): co-writer

Dju! (2002): writer & director